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The Rule Breaker Shawl - Made to Order

The Rule Breaker Shawl - Made to Order
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This art shawl was made breaking all the conventional rules of weaving. Lots of cozy soft texture that you can not only feel, but see! Created with handspun yarn made of cotton, llama, and Shetland goat fibers in their natural colors of black and off white. The classic black and white is complimented by a single bold bolt of red.

Each shawl is made with recycled fibers and organic handspun yarn from sheep, goat, and llama farms I come across in my travels. Each shawl is unique and not exactly the same as the next.
Please note there may be slight differences in texture and tone, but the design will be the same as pictured.

Current Turnaround Time is 3-4weeks

Any questions please feel free to contact me.